Due Diligence

Due Diligence Piping Evaluation

Whether it be a high-rise building, distribution warehouse, commercial property park, or technical space, purchase of a commercial facility costs millions to billions of dollars in today’s market. The piping systems supporting these facilities can cost millions to repair or replace, in addition to costs related to damage of the facility and tenant assets, as well as lost revenue from disrupted processes or fighting tenant disputes.

Thorough due diligence is paramount in making sure there are no surprises after purchase agreements have been signed, but it’s often too difficult to acquire information of value on pipe systems in a timely manner due to the limited information and intrusive nature of traditional internal pipe inspection methods. The extremely tight scheduling that is commonplace during the due diligence process makes assessment very challenging.

As a pioneer in ULGW, SoniTech can quickly mobilize a team to evaluate these piping systems using advanced ultrasonic nondestructive pipe inspection technology. System health can be quickly assessed with an overview of all common internal integrity issues such as corrosion or scale build up, sludge, pitting, air and water pockets, and velocity erosion. The data is quickly compiled and organized in an unbiased easy to understand report, outlining areas with good pipe, potential issues, and glaring problems. The rapid turnaround time for the report combined with the comprehensiveness of the data make SoniTech an invaluable pipe inspection tool for all pre-purchase commercial property assessments.

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