Non-Destructive Pipe Inspection

Fast, reliable, low-risk internal pipe integrity evaluations for commercial, industrial, and public sector facilities. SoniTech’s Ultrasonic Localized Guided Wave inspection technology offers the most comprehensive and efficient method available to evaluate all common integrity issues within most piping systems.


Ultrasonic Localized Guided Wave (ULGW)

Using a cutting-edge ultrasonic technology, SoniTech NDT’s ULGW method provides comprehensive internal pipe integrity data to clients within the global marketplace. Without interference of system or facility operations, SoniTech NDT’s innovative technology can detect the severity of:

  • Trapped air or water

  • Internal corrosion build-up: Both MIC related and oxygen corrosion

  • Internal pitting and general wall loss

  • Ice obstruction

  • Velocity erosion

  • Pump cavitation

  • Scale build-up

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Fire Sprinkler Piping, Mechanical Loop Pipes, Due Diligence, Process Piping and more.

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About ULGW

Understanding the benefits and expanded capabilities of ULGW advanced ultrasound, and compliance with NFPA requirements.

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Fire protection engineering, code compliance, special hazards, and design services

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Truth About Nitrogen

Understand the real world capabilities and common misconceptions of nitrogen.

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