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Pipes are often considered relatively trouble free, but corrosion related failures have dramatically increased over the past decade due to prolonged deterioration of older systems and thinner inferior materials used in newer pipe. The fact is that ALL metallic pipes corrode.

Ultrasound is not a new technology in the pipe inspection realm, but SoniTech's Proprietary Nondestructive Ultrasonic Localized Guided Wrap Wave (ULGW) Technology has taken a HUGE leap beyond the capabilities of the traditional inspection techniques employed in today's market (including other types of ultrasonic testing) by quickly, quietly, and accurately detecting anomalies missed by other methods.

Please click here to view a basic demonstration video:


Our patented system efficiently locates the severity of MIC residue, corrosion buildup, pitting, wall thinning, velocity erosion, ice plugs, residual water (or other liquids) left in dry pipe systems, and air pockets trapped in wet systems…all at a significantly

                           Lower Cost and Higher Level of Detail
           that is unavailable from any other pipe inspection service.

The process:

· We establish a quote based on information we get from you about the complexity
   of your individual requirements. Our quote is capped, so the price you are quoted
   is the price you pay. No hidden up-charges.

· Teams of no more than two trained technicians will scan your pipe system using
   our portable hand-held ultrasonic sensor while you conduct business as usual.

   Since this technology is non-destructive, there is no need to shut the system down,
   no need for a fire marshal, no need to employ temporary back-up systems, and no
   interruption of your business operations. Our system is safe (even for clean rooms,
   hospitals, and food processing facilities), non-intrusive to your operations, quiet,
   and very fast. Each scan point only takes a few seconds and you will barely know
   we are there.

   It's as lean as it gets.

· A few days after the scan is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report
   providing a simple interpretation of the data as well as highly detailed information
   for each scan point. This level of detail and value is not attainable by any other
   means available today.

You then use this data to make educated fact based decisions to choose the most cost effective mitigation possible. Since we DO NOT sell or install pipe, there is no bias in our findings.

You will know exactly where issues exist, so there is no need to make unnecessary repairs or allow faulty pipe to remain installed (potentially causing catastrophic failure),
ultimately saving your company valuable time and money.

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