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SoniTech's patented Ultrasonic Localized Guided Wave (ULGW) scanning technology can inspect HVAC and CRAC cooler piping for internal corrosion or scale buildup, pitting, and velocity erosion...all while the system remains operational. You no longer have to shut down these critical systems for testing, or follow the "wait and see" approach, reacting to a problem after a failure occurs.

Although significant corrosion buildup in mechanical loop piping is not as common as in fire sprinkler systems, it is still a real concern and can have a profound affect on system efficiency and associated energy costs.

Wall loss through mechanical erosion is prevalent in HVAC piping and is of major concern as a common cause of pipe failure.

SoniTech NDT can non-invasively scan these systems quickly and quietly, detecting the presence of both buildup and wall loss. These scans are highly detailed, and can be performed while your system remains in service, thereby offering significant savings for your company over traditional approaches.

SoniTech NDT's scanning technology can detect anomalies on internal walls within pipe for other process water systems such as: weld water, equipment cooling, water operated machinery, food processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, lubrication, dust control, etc.

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